Rhino Records Prepares Smiths Box Set, Uncovers Lost Video

Rhino Records Prepares Smiths Box Set, Uncovers Lost Video

While no record label has come forward to release the follow-up to Morrissey's Years of Refusal, fans of The Smiths can anticipate Rhino Records UK's upcoming Deluxe Collectors Boxset featuring the complete Smiths discography on vinyl, CD and MP3. The limited edition box set includes eight albums on 12" vinyl and CD, 25 7" singles, DVD containing the band's music videos, art prints, poster and high-quality MP3 downloads.

Limited to 4,000 copies, the box set is a completist's dream, with all eight Smiths albums remastered by guitarist

Johnny Marr

. While preparing the collection, Rhino Records UK uncovered a "lost" documentary short produced for the press in 1992. The video below is a brief retrospective of the band's career, with excerpted videos of "How Soon Is Now?", "Ask," "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out," "Panic" and "Girlfriend in a Coma."

You can pre-order the box set at the Rhino Records UK website. Meanwhile, somewhere in England, Morrissey is entirely indifferent to the release.

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