Geek chic is in.
Geek chic is in.
Hilary Walsh/GQ

Retro Geek Nick Waterhouse Went From Being a Punching Bag in Orange County to a Trendsetter in GQ

Style has always played a major part in shaping

Nick Waterhouse

. The singer's

retro geek chic look

is in now, but that doesn't mean it was when he was growing up here in Orange County. In a story in this

month's edition of GQ,

the singer reveals he was bullied due to his appearance. "As a kid in Orange County, my look was such a radical thing," he told the men's magazine. "I was the only one wearing collared shirts, pegged pants, and leather shoes. I got accosted, beat up, called 'weirdo' and 'faggot.'"

Fortunately the singer found his salvo in music. He continues, "Then I found this community of rock 'n' roll bands. Those guys saw me as this audacious young guy--the one who played 'Long Tall Shorty' on an organ at their emo shows."

Waterhouse's youth clearly wasn't the best of times, but he managed to survive and is a musician whose profile on the rise, giving the proverbial middle finger to the bullies who made his life hell as a kid. These days, he's gracing the pages of glossy magazines and--judging from his latest video--spending time partying with Japanese business men.

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