'Replace Band Names With Rape' Most WTF Twitter Trending Topic Ever?

'Replace Band Names With Rape' Most WTF Twitter Trending Topic Ever?

We admit we spend a little too much time on Twitter, but this morning we saw a trending topic that made us want to quit the internet like this guy is doing.

Scrolling through Twitter, we clicked on "Trending" to get a sense of what the kids like today. The second most popular topic trending in the United States, sandwiched between "Hood Cereal Names" and Jessica Simpson's new baby's name? The fun-for-all game "Replace Band Names With Rape."

We were relieved to see the topic being met with plenty of outrage -- as you can see from the screenshot we captured. Yet as we read just a bit further, we came across this thread:

'Replace Band Names With Rape' Most WTF Twitter Trending Topic Ever?

Now, we do get annoyed with the media's hyperawareness of being politically correct. At times, we're so consumed with making sure we're PC, we sidestep sticky but germane observations that should be noted if a delicate subject like religion, race or gender is to be discussed in such a way as to encourage change.

But joking about rape is never okay. There is nothing even remotely funny about anyone, female or male, being violated. The fact that there remains an aura of shame and silence about being raped is even more reason not to engage in a trending topic that uses the act as a punchline. Think about your mother, sister, son or girlfriend getting raped -- really, you have no way of knowing who has or hasn't gone through an ordeal so horrific most victims suffer physical and emotional consequences for the rest of their lives.

And when you consider that, Justin Timberrape, The Rapeful Dead and Megarape just aren't so hilarious anymore.

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