Release the Sounds: Will Crum, 'Lil' RNR' (single)

Release the Sounds: Will Crum, 'Lil' RNR' (single)

We've got something a little different for you this week on Release the Sounds. This time around, it looks like all the noise is coming from our own backyard. Recently, Costa Mesa singer/song writer/guerilla showman Will Crum unveiled the relaxed echo of his latest single "Lil RNR". This exclusive track is so new that not even the true fans have heard it yet. Yeah, that's right, not even you.

 Sporting a hazy mix of shoe gaze and beach music, the single, which clocks in at a cool two minutes and forty-seven seconds, is worth a listen. Click HERE to listen or click on the player below.For this one, Crum went into the studio with Manny Nieto (whose credits include the Breeders, Soft Pack and Health's latest album Get Color). The good news is that if you like it, he's got plenty more free music where that came from on his website ( where you can get a free B-side of the same session. And it turns out when he's not playing impromptu shows on the beach or Swedish furniture stores, he actually plays a lot of local gigs, including one next week at La Cave in Costa Mesa on Nov. 9. 

Lil' RNR by user52708

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