Release the Sounds: White Denim, 'Fits'

Release the Sounds: White Denim, 'Fits'

From WD's growling bass and drums on the spunky opener "Radio Milk How Can You Stand It" to the chaotic and eclectic gems like "El Hard Attack DCWYW" (listen for the banjo), the band quickly shows their ability to keep a rough, durable edge even in the most intricate of time signature experiments. In the end you get songs like "I Start To Run", with a piss and whiskey rock-n-roll feel that would feel at home on any MC5 or James Gang record. Throw in a little Big Business or Tweak Bird and you've kinda got an idea of what these guys are going for.

And just when you think you've figured out just how 


 is going to move along for the rest of the record, WD stretches out a little more into reverberated psychedelia courtesy of "Mirrored and Reverse" and then the Black Keys-style soul in "Paint Yourself," or the trailing, Latin-infused jam band styling of "Sex Prayer." What does stay consistent throughout the album are the proficient musician ship of drummer Joshua Block, bassist Steve Terebecki and the howling soul sputter of vocalist/guitarist James Petralli as they stop and switch styles at the drop of a dime. By the time you've made it to the album's last track, "Sync," fraught with in-the-pocket rhythm and mounting intensity, you've already discovered your favorite new pair of jeans, or in this case, rock band.


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