Reintroducing the Aquabats
Tim Melideo

Reintroducing the Aquabats

The MC Bat Commander (Christian Jacobs), the Aquabats' fearless leader and lead singer. He possesses great stamina, motivational skills and swag, but he doesn't have any actual superpowers.

Crash McLarson (Chad Larson), the group's second-in-command and Aquabats bassist. When emotional, Crash can grow up to 50 feet in size. Unfortunately, he can't control his superpower.

Jimmy the Robot (James Briggs), a humanoid robot created by the Aquabats who plays keyboards and saxophone for the band. He has detachable rocket fists and can shoot laser beams from his eyes. He also carries a jetpack and has mechanically heightened senses.


The Aquabats! Super Show! premieres on the Hub. Sat., March 3, 8 a.m.


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"Reintroducing the Aquabats"

"Five Roles MC Bat Commander Played as a Child Actor"

"Aquabats: Watch the Original Five Minute Pilot from 1999!"

View our behind-the-scenes slideshow of a taping of The Aquabats! Super Show!

Ricky Fitness (Richard Falomir), the youngest of the Aquabats and the drummer. A gang member turned good, he has super-speed and seeks to do right through exercise and music.

Eagle "Bones" Falconhawk (Ian Fowles), the sonic shredder and Aquabats guitarist. He has an electric guitar that shoots sonic energy beams, and with the assistance of an invisible bird named Dude, he can fly. Because of his hollow, bird-like bones, Eagle Bones is easily crippled in battle, but he can heal himself quickly.


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