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I'm way behind the times when it comes to technology. Hell, I just got a cell phone six months ago and that was because my dad -- who works for a company that will not be named -- gave me one. But it's 2009 and I gotta get up to date on what the kids are doing. Hence, I got an external hard drive to store some records that I like but don't have the chance to listen to.

The good news is, my loss is your gain as I am getting rid of some good shit. What good shit, you ask? This good shit.

Ramones -- Loco Live: 32 live tracks (33 if you count the hidden "Carbona Not Glue") with CJ on bass.

Teen Idles -- Discord 100: Ian MacKaye's first band. This is a five-song demo featuring their hits played in a slower way. The older I get, the more l dig these versions better than those on Flex Your Head and The Year in Seven Inches. Which leads me to...

Flex Your Head -- Discord comp featuring the Teen Idles, State of Alert (Henry Rollins' first band), Minor Threat, Red C, Void, Government Issue and lots more. You can't claim to be punk if you don't own this.

Discord 1981: The Year in Seven Inches: It is what is says it is. CD comp featuring seven inches by the Teen Idles, State of Alert, Minor Threat, Government Issue and (the D.C. not California) Youth Brigade. The counterpart to Flex Your Head.

Sleater-Kinney -- Dig Me Out: I'd say this is their best record, but I never heard anything they did after. Either way, this is good.

Sublime -- Self-Titled 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition: I saw Sublime once and didn't care. But then I got the chance to hear these guys on wax, and I gotta say, once I distanced the band from the ultra-embarrassing fans, I came around. Finally, I'm not afraid to say this is a killer disc. But I'm still not wearing sideways hats.

Kermit Ruffins: World music label Putamayo Records' greatest hits of this contempoary New Orleans jazz trumpeter. Like a modern day Louis Armstrong.

Muddy Waters -- From Mississippi to Chicago: 24 of the blues legend's greatest. If I didn't already have a more complete best-of, there's no way I'd sell this.

Dangerhouse Volume One: LA comp with songs by the Randoms, the Weirods, Black Randy & the Metrosquad, X, the Dils, the Alley Cats and more. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't get rid of this.

Rufus Thomas -- Stax Profiles: Motown is great, but so was Stax, a grittier, more Southern soul/gospel/funk label straight outta Memphis. This 12-song disc includes "Bear Cat," the answer to "Hound Dog."

Carla Thomas -- Stax Profiles: Rufus' daughter is smooth, soulful and backed by the likes of Steve Cropper, Booker T. Jones, Donald "Duck" Dunn, the Memphis Horns and the late Isaac Hayes.

I know this is totally shamless self-promotion, but I can't stand the thought of throwing these away without giving someone the opportunity to pick them up. I'm looking to move these, so make an offer.

And trust me, there will be more. Oh yes, plenty more.


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