Radio Musings: the Generationals, 'When They Fight, They Fight,' on KCRW

For the second time this week I heard my new favorite song on KCRW. It's by an act from New Orleans--sounding nothing like what you would expect from a Big Easy band--called the Generationals. They're signed to Park the Van, the tiny indie label best known for unleashing Dr. Dog. The Generationals are two dudes whose song "When They Fight, They Fight" recalls a vintage Girl Group number. It's summery with "ool, ool" vocals and finely cracked Phil Spector Wall of Sound production. Lyrically, it recalls The Crystals' controversial classic "He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)," although it could be mere verbal abuse--as opposed to slapping and such--that turns on the couple featured in "When They Fight, They Fight." Regardless, it's a pop gem worthy of inclusion on Back to Mono. Enjoy.   


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