Quote of the Week: Avi Buffalo Gets Some
Avi Buffalo's Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg and Rebecca Coleman

Quote of the Week: Avi Buffalo Gets Some

​"Yeah, thank you! I'll be honest, that's the song I feel most self-conscious about! That was a very weird sex night right there." 

--Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg, the genius, just-outta-high-school songwriter for Long Beach's Avi Buffalo, in an interview with UK's the Guardian, published yesterday. The reporter had asked him a question about a line, "Kissing in the flaccid points between our sin-soaked night," from the song "Five Little Sluts" (the article has "night" as "minds," but I'd go to the mat on that one).

There are plenty of other choice quotes from the story, too.

Avi Buffalo's forthcoming self-titled release from

Sup Pop

is filled with these kind of weird, hilarious lines. And so it's natural

the Guardian

would ask about a few of them. Like the "flaccid" thing. Or...

Or "You are tiny and your lips are like little pieces of bacon," from What's In It For? "Well," he allows himself a sharp intake of breath, "that is an odd one, yes. I suppose that does stick out a bit. I know this small girl whose lips just are like really small pieces of bacon."  

Zahner-Isenberg dishes a bit on his hometown, too. 

"Oh, I grew up in East Long Beach which is more suburban and less Snoop Dogg," says Zahner-Isenberg. "To tell you the truth, there's nothing to do here, really. There's room to hang out and play music, but there's nothing else. It's a small world here."

Read the full story here. Avi Buffalo's so-good-it'll-make-you-mad-you-didn't-write-it-in-high-school debut is out April 27.


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