Quizzes To Kill Time

They're kind of cheesy, but some of the questions in Quizland.com's Rock Trivia and Yetanotherdot.com's '80s Lyrics Quiz are actually rather stumpifying.

Such as: What act holds the record for most #2 records without ever hitting #1? Ummm.... The Carpenters? Nope.

and what "don't feel like it should"? Oh right, "loooove" (ok, that was an easy one but a lot of these I had no idea)

See if your musical knowledge is as sharp as you think it is:

'80s Lyric Quiz

Rock Trivia

Bonus: These are a good way to look like you're concentrating hard at work. Just make sure your boss can't see your monitor (heh heh, hi Ted!).


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