You have to pass the interview process.
You have to pass the interview process.

Questionable Dating Advice From "The Full Charge" Matt Fulchiron.

Nevermind how shitty Matt Fulchiron claims his life is while on stage, if real life, this comic has got it going on. And on and on. His resume reads like a stand-up's dream with credits on shows like The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Live at Gotham, Comedy Central Presents, and Tosh.O. And his stand-up itself? Well it's witty, thought provoking, and oozes sex appeal. Wait. We're talking about Matt Fulchiron aka "The Full Charge" right? OK, maybe it doesn't scream sex but his act will no doubt make you scream, "I WANT MORE" so in essence, that is kind of the same thing right? This Thursday through Saturday he'll be at the Irvine Improv supplying the pre-party laughs and before his weekend gig, we went "full charge" ourselves and got a little back story on that nickname of his and found out what makes this man tick. And truth be told, the only disappointing thing we came back with might just possibly be regarding his dating life. Awww....just kidding, Matt.

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): It's crazy how I saw you three times in three weeks randomly. I kinda felt awkward the third time, like stalker status.

Matt Fulchiron: [Laughs.] You didn't feel awkward and you know it. Let's face it though, the first time we didn't meet so it's really only been two. Now that's hardly a stalker. That's simply a coincidence. Well, as far as I know.

Yeah, thanks for that "sort of" pat on the back. You seem like somewhat of a catch but on stage you talk about all of these relationship issues. What's your deal?

It's all true but I think even the best of us have relationship issues. I think relationships are next to impossible. Either you're compromising too much or you're hurting too much. A lot of people might think it's just too far-fetched, but it's all true. But I like that you said that I'm a catch though.

Of course. It's just that you have this air of confidence on stage but then you are a little self-deprecating.

Yeah. I'm still trying to find myself up there. I have confidence doing the comedy and I like to be over the top fake arrogant, but the reality is a lot of those self-deprecating things. So all of that is funny to me and it gets all mixed up. Even after fifteen years it's not all there yet. I gotta pick a side. On the other hand if you go one way for too long, people get sick of it and comedy is all surprises. So maybe you don't know which direction I'm going to go. Like, is he confident these twenty seconds or is he self-conscious these twenty seconds?

Do you get any groupies that help with your confidence or do they hurt it?

[Laughs.] Comedy groupies are good for confidence but it's also like, they're not a huge boost. Comics talk a lot about the pain of life and comedy groupies know a lot about the pain of life. Whereas rock groupies are probably fun. It's a different world. I'm on a case by case basis. You have to pass the interview process.

Oh do tell what that process is like.

Well, girls have the interview process to see if they want to have sex. Mine is more like to see if I can deal with you after sex. I'm a lot smarter than the average bear I think. Or I have a smaller libido. Who knows?

What are the prerequisites?

There is no set prerequisite. It's just a feeling. Don't you believe in love Ali? [Laughs.] My definition of love in that scenario is someone you're smitten with for at least 24-hours. It's someone who can defy all reason of convenience for the next 24-hours.

That's so romantic. That's probably also how you can get HPV.

No I know. That's why I'm reluctant. I'm a reluctant lover, what can I tell you? I've got TV to watch! [Laughs.] I also don't like sleeping in the same bed as someone I don't know. And then you have to wonder, I just met this person! Who the fuck is this person? What are they doing here?

You are a complex man. What's up with the nickname "The Full Charge?" It sounds kind of rap-ish. And you do some rapping on stage...coincidence?

Well I used to do a lot of skateboarding back in the day and once when I was at this skate park in Baltimore, this kid asked me what my last name was. When I told him Fulchiron he thought I said "full charge." I was also in a rap band back in the day, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody. We were called "The Pimp Daddy's" which isn't a good name because it doesn't hold up, but come on, it was the late 90's. So from 1992 to 1996 I was on stage rapping and if you don't think that's comedy, you're fucking crazy. I mean, it was a joke and we knew it. I was also in another rap band called "The Kevin Murphy's" which was named after a jock in high school that we all hated. Anyway, you have to have a rap name too and I was already "Soul Train" for no good reason and "The Full Charge" made much more sense so I plugged that in. Now it's my website, my Twitter, my's over. I'm The Full Charge and there's nothing that I can do about it.

Good call. I'm a fan of your podcast and it would just be lame if it were called "The Soul Train Power Hour" for obvious reasons.

Oh yeah. It's time for me to get arrogant and I will do it. "The Full Charge Power Hour" is the funniest fucking podcast on the Internet right now. It's a comedy podcast but it's not a show about comedy. It's a different kind of format, it's not stand-up at all. I have a movie reviewer who is completely unqualified and it is a fucking laugh riot. I won't brag about my stand-up but my podcast is the best and I don't mind saying that. I stand behind that and I won't back down. I'm Tom Petty about this shit.

Wow. Way to sell your weekend in Irvine.

No I'm really excited about opening for Bert Kreischer because he's really awesome. I've known him forever and then I bumped into him in L.A. and he was like, why don't you open for me at the Improv? I was like, yes! Bert will be fun to hang out with on the road too and that's important. It's going to be a great time. I'll do my best and Bert is going to crush! I just got a new phone so I've got some new material for the audience. [Laughs.] And then, there'll be some classics too. I'm going to end strong, I can promise you that. You've got my guarantee.

Matt Fulchiron performs at the Irvine Improv on August 1st through 3rd, 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to and for more info, check out his website, subscribe to The Full Charge Power Hour, and follow him on Twitter: @TheFullCharge.

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