Q&A: Quadron

Quadron at the Commonwealth Lounge last night
Quadron at the Commonwealth Lounge last night
Beth Stirnaman/OC Weekly

Hours before their gig at Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton, we found Coco O. and Robin Hannibal of Quadron hanging out by the stage. So we figured we'd help them kill some time with a probing interview about a wide range of topics: favorite drinks, stories from their native Denmark and thoughts about their recent swell of indie soul cred.

OC Weekly (Nate Jackson): The first time I got to see you perform live was at last month's UCLA Jazz and Reggae Festival. What was it like to be a relatively new band on a bill that included Q-Tip and Raphael Saadiq?
Coco O.: That was a tremendous honor to play for that kind of crowd with that kind of line-up. If we probably would've been to the festival if we were in L.A. and we'd be like "damn, one day we will be standing on the stage." So that was amazing to be invited to play.
Robin Hannibal: We're big fans of all of the artists that played.

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