Put a Donk On it

I really like Vice Magazine and would kill to see my name in print over there (if anyone from Vice is reading, I'm available). Ok, seriously, there's a story in the new issue about a form of dance music in Northern England called donk. The words and pictures were intriguing enough that I went to their site to check out the videos.

After viewing this, I suggest you do the same.

It seems as if donk is a mixture of electro-dance and hip-hop. The "donk" element comes from producers who throw a steady noise atop the beats to act as a bass. Or so they said. With those accents, who the hell knows what they're talking about.

And the best part? The crowds, who consist of fake-tanned, steriod-pumping dudes with really short hair and teenage girls who wear as little as possible. It's amazing!

The story follows donk's version of the Beatles, Blackout Crew, as they record a tune and play a show. The reporter, a bloke who looks like what you'd expect a bloke Vice writer to look like, even goes through a make-over where he...well, I won't spoil it for you.

Based on Vice's track record (and some of their commentary), it's obvious that they are making fun of donk, but not directly to these peoples' faces. Donk fans, on the other hand, are too drunk to notice. Or care. 

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