The Psychedelic Furs at the Grove of Anaheim
The Psychedelic Furs at the Grove of Anaheim
Andrew Youssef

Psychedelic Furs at the Grove of Anaheim Over the Weekend

Psychedelic Furs and She Wants Revenge

June 25, 2010
Grove of Anaheim

A healthy mix of young and old fans filled the Grove of Anaheim for the pairing of Psychedelic Furs and She Wants Revenge. Few bands have produced as many memorable hits in the '80s as the Psychedelic Furs. While the soundtrack of John Hughes' film Pretty in Pink immensely propelled their popularity, their 16-song set reminded everyone that they weren't one hit wonders.
Psychedelic Furs at the Grove of Anaheim Over the Weekend
Andrew Youssef

A cheerful Richard Butler bounded his way to the center of the stage and flawlessly sang "Love My Way." Butler's voice has aged like fine wine holding on to its distinctive tone. Singing into a small megaphone, Butler revisited his early '90s project Love Spit Love with the swirling guitars of "Believe." The '80s nostalgia really tingled during a double shot of "Heartbeat" and "Ghost In You."

Another vital component of the Psychedelic Furs sound is the incorporation of saxophone by Mars Williams. Few bands have been able to imbed the saxophone into their sound as well as the Psychedelic Furs. Williams even switched to the clarinet for "Like A Stranger" to display his versatility. "It Goes On" was another showcase for the fast paced saxophone honks by Williams who worked both sides of the stage.

Towering bassist Tim Butler deftly pulled off the disco bass line for politically charged "President Gas" as his brother Richard shook hands with fans in the front row just like Morrissey. Richard recreated his infamous twirls from their '80s video for an epic version of "Heaven." The crowd definitely went crazy upon hearing the opening notes of "Pretty In Pink" with the lighting technician adjusting the lights accordingly.

For the encore, The Furs dug deep with the selection of "No Easy Street," an appropriate cover of Roxy Music's "Pyjamarama" and "Forever Now." For those younger fans that came for She Wants Revenge, they were most likely were converted into fans of the Psychedelic Furs. 

She Wants Revenge performed with Psychedelic Furs
She Wants Revenge performed with Psychedelic Furs
Andrew Youssef

She Wants Revenge warmed up the audience with a 45-minute set touching on their KROQ hits and debuting a handful of new songs from their upcoming third album. Wisely leaving the best for last, the combination of "Out of Control" and "Tear You Apart" at the conclusion of their set had fans dancing up a storm.

Personal Bias: Richard Butler is one of my favorite singers.

The Crowd: Definitely split between She Wants Revenge and Psychedelic Furs fans with an age difference of about 20 years.

Overheard from the Crowd: "I hope they play "Pretty In Pink!" 

Random Notebook Dump: Why did older fans take green beads from the scantly clad Heineken promotional girls at the entrance?

"Love My Way"
"Ghost In You"
"Like A Stranger"
"It Goes On"
"President Gas"
"In My Head"
"Sister Europe"
"She Is Mine"
"All This and Nothing"
"No Easy Street"
"Pyjamarama" (Roxy Music Cover)
"Forever Now"


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