Programming Note: We Goin' To BlizzCon!!

Yep, I'm OC Weekly's man at BlizzCon, the annual two-day convention for Irvine-based computer gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment. It's at the Anaheim Convention Center. I've got some lovely memories of Blizzard's real-time strategy games, but you'll hear more of that with the coverage. For now, I'm here to say:

1. Follow the BlizzCon action on OC Weekly's Twitter.
2. Check out that video up there! It's a taste of the fun to come. Actually, I was probably more psyched before I saw it. But still, pretty funny if you love World of Warcraft, I imagine. Kind of like the "Barbie Girl" of massively multiplayer roleplaying games. And that maiden in the blue? A Chapman alum.

Plus: Ozzy Osbourne will be playing! I will be geeking out over Starcraft 2! Stay tuned!


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