Morrissey at the Fox Pomona.
Morrissey at the Fox Pomona.
Andrew Youssef/OC Weekly

Pro-Immigrant Morrissey Fans Call for a Free Show in Phoenix

Senate Bill 1070 architect Russell Pearce may have been recalled in Arizona, but the call for a boycott of the state remains. The latest manifestation comes in the form of Morrissey's Nov. 20 concert at Phoenix's Orpheum Theater. The singer once told an audience, "I wish I was born Mexican," and, as I've written before, had he been granted that request, in Arizona, he'd be putting up with all the revved-up xenophobia.

Morrissey has a huge, dedicated following among Mexicans, and that devotion is very evident on the Facebook page urging him to convert his concert into a free show following Manu Chao's example:

Beloved Morrissey, please take a stand for immigrants!

How we love you, let us count the ways! We will travel cross country to see you perform, we name our first child after you...Your music is the soundtrack of our lives. We flip our imaginary mics in that MOZ fashion. We've followed you for as long as we can remember...

Signing it "Forever, your adoring MOZ fans," the group pulled from Morrissey's catalog for persuasion, saying that "Irish Blood, English Heart" captures the everyday experience of immigrants in Arizona and throughout the United States.

The Smiths-inspired Texas trio Girl In a Coma played a free benefit show in the state, and they captured the experience in their new song "Hope," off the recently released Exits and All the Rest. Will Morrissey follow in their footsteps, providing his musical services free of charge, all in the name of immigrants?


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