Poolside Set To Bring The Dance Party This Friday At South Coast Plaza's Sony Store

Culture guide gurus Flavorpill have teamed up with Sony to present the "Sony Sessions," an event that celebrates the local culture of six US cities including Houston, Long Island, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, and our very own Costa Mesa.The fact that we made it into the company's lexicon of posh, cultural hotspots is a bit of a surprise. But hey, we're not complaining.

"Events and culture are what we do," says Flavorpill's managing editor Leah Taylor, "so Sony came to us in hopes of creating something not just fun and cool, but original; something that really celebrates the imagination of the participating artists and vendors."

For Orange County, this vision came into fruition in the forms of the glamorous disco pop sounds of Poolside, the colorful graphic design artwork of Devon Tsuno, and the decadent cuisine of Taco Asylum. "We're big fans of Poolside," Taylor explains. "Their daytime disco vibe is the perfect soundtrack to Southern California. We first became familiar with Tsuno when he was exhibited in the Venice Beach Biennial; we loved not only his aesthetic but also his commitment to community as the founder and director of local art non-profit Concrete Walls. As far as Taco Asylum: Have you ever had one of their amazing, multi-culti gourmet tacos? It was a no-brainer."

Every city has its own unique culture and the Sony Sessions strive to bring that innovation and artistry to the forefront, especially in cities that may not be otherwise pinpointed as cultural hubs. "Sony wanted to reach out to consumers in these markets specifically," says Taylor, "celebrating a vibrant artistic and creative culture that - in all but NYC and LA - may often be overlooked."

The Sony @714 Sessions takes place this Friday, December 14, at the Sony Store in South Coast Plaza from 7-9 pm. Poolside is set to perform, while Taco Asylum serves up delicious gourmet tacos and Devon Tsuno shares his work. RSVP here and get there early; the first 25 guests get a free t-shirt designed by Tsuno!

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