Fuck yeah for Fucked Up!
Fuck yeah for Fucked Up!
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Pomona Glass House to Host Mini FYF Fest, Featuring Fucked Up

Well, sport, let us tell you a tale of the way things were back when we first attended in '07. It wasn't outside. It wasn't in one venue. And it wasn't some titled with some sissy acronym. Nahhh, son. It was the Fuck Yeah Fest.

On May 8, downtown Pomona--which we like to pretend is in Orange County--will host an FYF "Fan Appreciation Show" that harkens back to those early days. From the FYF e-mail blast we received last night:

Just like the original concept of the Fuck Yeah Fest, this is taking place at three locations that are all steps from one another. For $8 you will be given a wristband at the Glasshouse that will get you access into each room and given the option to see over a dozen bands. This is for you, the fan.

Judging by the pretty solid lineup, FYF appreciates its fans indeed. The experience of seeing Fucked Up is an experience everyone should have. The artists scheduled:

FUCKED UP (Only So Cal) The Strange Boys
Abe Vigoda
Darker My Love
Graf Orlock
The Like
Woah Hunx

You can buy tickets at the fine record stores listed here.

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