Poly Styrene, X-ray Spex Singer, Diagnosed With Cancer

UPDATE, 5:15 P.M., APRIL 25, 2011: Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex Rumored to Have Passed Away

ORIGINAL POST, 11:02 A.M., FEBRUARY 25, 2011: UK punk icon Poly Styrene, 53, has been diagnosed with cancer. The singer, whose real name is Marian Joan Elliott-Said, is currently undergoing treatment to battle the illness.

Poly gained critical acclaim as X-ray Spex's "singer with braces" from 1976 to 1979. A trained opera singer who released a reggae single before joining the band, she was considered "one of the most memorable front women to emerge from the punk movement."

After going solo in 1979, she released an album, and then joined the Hare Krishna. This year, at the end of March, she's releasing a new solo LP, Generation Indigo. She says that although she's "devastated she cannot commit to any live dates at this stage, her album remains a very positive force in her current journey."

The statement added that Poly has been tweeting about her illness and will continue to keep in touch with fans:

"It's been a bit of a battle fighting this cancer but hey ho I'm still alive, Luv Poly x".

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She also recently added via Twitter: "Hoping & praying I can fight this cancer. Thank u all 4 ur positive vibes, I'm overwhelmed, ur keeping me in the land of living. Luv Poly X"

UPDATE: Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex Rumored to Have Passed Away

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