Playlist: Coping with OC Commute that 'Impacts Country's Worst'

​My coworker over at our Navel Gazing blog recently posted "OC Impacts Some of Country's Worst Commutes." The shit gets real thick and nasty on the Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles, where speeds average 14 mph during the most congested times. But sitting in the CA-55 on my way home from Costa Mesa to Newport Beach can be a crawl, too. After living in Southern California for the past two months, traffic definitely ranks as the No. 1 drawback. Yeah, I'd heard about it dragging ass but never imagined how much time I would be spending in my car on any given day. Here are some songs I downloaded for the drive I'm about to make home.

Click title for YouTube clip.

"Lincoln Highway Dub," Sublime

"Traffic Light," the Ting Tings

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"Freeway," Aimee Mann

"The Traffic Jam," Stephen Marley featuring Damian Marley

"Accidents Will Happen," Elvis Costello

"Freeway View," James McCurtry

"Tripping Down the Freeway," Weezer

"Traffic," Stereophonics

"Freeway Jam," Jeff Beck

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