Pistolero Breaks Up

Bad news for all you Orange County headbangers and Hessians. Local quintet Pistolero, whose hard-charging vintage metal sound has been the likely cause of countless cases of concert-elated whiplash, have announced their break up.

Speaking to the Weekly by phone this afternoon, guitarist Parker Macy confirmed the sudden news. Though he declined to get into specifics Macy explained, "It was just time to do it. It was a long time coming and the writing was on the wall."

Macy, who also performs as a self-titled solo blues act and runs a record store at the Lab in Costa Mesa, said he and two other members from Pistolero, guitarist Jeremy Munoz and drummer Thom Cooper have plans to form a new project.

"It will be a heavy rock band. Whether we classify as metal we're not 100 percent sure yet. We've jammed in the Pistolero setting for so long that's probably the way we'll continue to work together. But vocally, we'll have a different style," Macy said.


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