Luke Grimes
Luke Grimes

Photographer Dustin Beatty Launches Website

Dustin Beatty, editor-in-chief and creative director of LA-based Anthem Magazine, wears a lot of hats (I saw him rocking a few of them while interning for the magazine some three years ago). Besides throwing everyone's favorite annual Coachella pool party, he's also an amazing photographer with a knack for shooting over-exposed celebrities in a way that makes them feel fresh and new. Yesterday, Beatty debuted his website that showcases some of his best work.

Give a look-see here.

I took the opportunity to ask him what drives his passion for photography, and he had this to say:

"My photos have always been inspired by idealism. Whether I'm shooting an actor, musician or at a location off the beaten path, I look for something that makes a declaration of independence or communicates freedom and beauty. It's this connection that drives me and my work."

I asked Beatty what his dream project would be. Speaking to his insane work drive, he said that he'd just finished one: shooting images for Falcon Motorcycles.

As for his unrequited dreams, Beatty says, "my dream project would be to shoot portraits of Neil Young or nudes of Daisy Low."


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