People line up in Pomona to catch Ben Lee's disease

Though it may not be STD or Swine Flu related, there is something inexplicably infectious about the music of Ben Lee, the cuddliest thing to come out of Australia since the Kawala Bear. Hopefully his Aussie charm and talented acoustic touch will give his new album The Rebirth of Venus (released today) a good shot at some staying power.

Though he may be on his seventh album to date, we can't help reminiscing about his first break out on 2005's Awake is the New Sleep. You know, the album that hold's the international hit "Catch My Disease" (ironically one of the most nauseatingly catchy songs you'll ever listen to). But in that song, you may remember a certain little line in the verse about POMONA. Ahh, now this blog post makes sense. For those of you preparing to wait in line at The Glass House tomorrow, April 29, to watch Lee take the stage with Low vs Diamond, Annie Stela and Janu and the Whale Sharks (nice name, really) you can be certain that this song will be part of the set list. Not sure what I mean, check out the pure magic in his lyrics at 1:15. Plus, since who ever posted the original video on You Tube decided to be a douche and block the embed code, you can enjoy this random interpretive version of the video right here instead. Sweet right?

For the record, he also mentions the Santa Ana winds in the song. But even though I get a chance to experience them first hand as the blow dust and shit all over the place, I'm not really a fan.


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