Pennywise Definitely Not Playing at Liskfest

Liskfest, a punk rock/hardcore festival scheduled for this Saturday at Oak Canyon Ranch in Irvine will not include Pennywise, the event's originally scheduled headliners.

Though all of the recent advertisements are sans Pennywise, like this flier on the show's MySpace, enough people are still confused (like soon-to-be-disappointed MySpacer Marc, who wrote on the page's comments yesterday, "What hell happen with Pennywise? Are they still playing?") that the guys behind hits like "Alien" felt it necessary to release a statement today making it clear they won't be there, due to a scheduling change stemming from when the show was canceled last month by the original promoters.

“We apologize for any confusion regarding Liskfest taking place October 11. When the show was initially cancelled by Goldenvoice, we moved on anddecided to concentrate on other projects. When Liskfest was back on we never reconfirmed, contrary to web spread rumors. We do apologize for any inconvenience and believe that Liskfest will be a great show, but we WILL NOT be on the bill that day.”

Given that places like the Web site for the Glass House are no longer listing Pennywise textually but still feature a picture directly above their listing with PENNYWISE in big letters (a mixed message if ever there was one), the band is definitely justified in making such a clarification.

Still on the bill: Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools, Strung Out, OC-based acts The Vandals and Death by Stereo and more. The official site lists a "special guest" for 8:15 p.m.; no idea who that is other than Not Pennywise and the Not Pennywise Players.


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