Pearl Jam Working on New Album, Says Mike McCready

Pearl Jam Working on New Album, Says Mike McCready

Big news, Pearl Jam fans!
In a phone interview last Friday, guitarist Mike McCready told the Weekly that Pearl Jam has officially began work on its tenth studio album. "We started yesterday," McCready said. Contrary to other reports, McCready said the band began work on the album only Thursday last week. He confirmed that the Seattle quintet has started to flush out demos internally and will be working with longtime producer/collaborator Brendan O'Brien on the record.

"We're in the process of everyone bringing their demos and getting their songs out there," he added.
Though in its very early stages, Pearl Jam fans will undoubtedly be pleased that despite its members each working on their own projects right now, the ground has been broken. (We were actually on the phone with McCready to talk about his band Flight to Mars, which makes an OC stop at the Observatory in May.) There is no timetable on the new Pearl Jam album's release date. As McCready said, there's no rush to finish recording either. Stay tuned.

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