Paste Magazine Asking for Donations

Paste Magazine Asking for Donations

It's hard out here for a music writer--Paste, a monthly focusing on Americana, roots and what's generally considered "adult album alternative" music, is asking for donations in order to help stay afloat.

Donate some fundulation at this link here, and you'll get more than 70 rare track from some typical Paste artists: Neko Case, Cowboy Junkies, Matthew Sweet, etc. (That's like, $70 on iTunes!) There are also some fabulous prizes in the offering, to be given away via random draw from those that donate.

It's, obviously, a tough time for the economy, and when you add that to the fact that it's been a tough time for print products for, y'know, like, a billion years, it's not surprising that Paste is having hard times--Blender folded completely a few months ago. Paste is a good read that covers some good music, and the more music journalism out there the better. Like so many publications, recent issues have fallen in page count to around 72, and the monthly CD and DVD that once came packaged with the mag have been replaced by a code to download songs on your own (a much more economical and 21st century way of doing things, but not quite as fun). Let's hope this campaign works.

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