Parker Macy Celebrates Creme Tangerine's First Anniversary
Miguel Vasconcellos/OC Weekly

Parker Macy Celebrates Creme Tangerine's First Anniversary

Yes, it's really been a year since Parker Macy opened Creme Tangerine, the record store in a trailer at the Lab on March 1. It's been a challenging one for the blues guitarist-turned-entrepreneur, to say the least. There was a break-in a couple of months ago, and Macy also lost his partner Jon Staph. But things are only looking up; he talks about opening a second location, among other things coming up for Creme Tangerine.

OC Weekly: How has owning Creme Tangerine changed your life?

Parker Macy: In every way--it's like owning three kids! Now that I am the sole operator, I am always doing something for the shop. I work all day and then go home to the warehouse to sort and price new inventory. I usually use the mornings and nights to go hunting for records. I am currently in major danger of becoming a hoarder if I don't open a second location, which seems to be on the horizon.

What are your best sellers?

The best sellers of new stuff are always the Black Keys and White Stripes. Anytime I get old Tom Waits, Velvet Underground, Billie Holiday...that stuff flies. There are too many to mention in this category.

Was there anything that happened that you expect in the past 12 months?

The store had lots of surprises this year. We were broken into which sucked, but we also had a great first year and got tons of support from the vinyl community.

Do you enjoy owning a record store more now?

I love the shop. I get to listen to vinyl all day and all night...I get to shop for records every day. I am having a blast!

Jonathan Staph quit; how are you managing the store on your own?

Jon helped out quite a bit and is missed everyday, [but] he was tired and left to get back to his good ol' self. I've been pushing myself to the limits, working every aspect of the business everyday and starting a new guitar lesson business as well. I'm tired as hell but this adventure is a blessing and it's rewarding to do something you love so much. I have a few really great friends who help from time to time.

What lessons did you learn from the break in?

Don't trust anyone. Haha, just kiddin'. Ugh...well, we have surveillance, security, etc. now so I'm not as worried, but we definitely learned not to keep cash there.

What's the coolest record that's been in the store?

The coolest records in stock recently have been the Third Man 7" releases... We now carry all of them in print. Also,  the new Church of Sun album, a local band. Kim Deal from the Pixies sings on it. It's pretty rad. We also just bought a ton of old mono Beatles LPs and some really rare jazz and vocal jazz stuff like Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

Here's a clip of Parker Macy from last year, created by our web editor Taylor Hamby when she was a student!


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