Pac-Man Songs Inspired By Google Logo

Pac-Man Songs Inspired By Google Logo

This could be the best Google logo ever. EVER!!! I played it for 15 minutes before I realized I was supposed to be searching for something. And by then I'd forgotten what it was. So as a tribute to the brilliant folks at Google, who created the logo to celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary as a game, here are the best Pac-Man-inspired songs I could find on YouTube. (They're  just slightly less addicting than the game.)

1. The Go! Team, "Ms. Pacman"

Aww, go, Ms. Pac-Man! Go! This video is awesome. Real life Pac-Man


Ghosts! Hipster irony gaming at its finest.

2. Weird Al Yankovic, "Pac-Man"

This was apparently a never-released parody of the Beatles' "Taxman."

3. Aphex Twin/Power Pill, "Pac-Man"
British electronic musician, Richard David James (better known to us all as Aphex Twin), released this in 1992 under his less known monicker, Power-Pill.

4. Buckner and Garcia, "Pac-Man Fever"

Ultra popular in 1982 (it hit No. 9 in the Billboard charts back when those charts meant something), it ultimately pigeonholed Buckner and Garcia as "musicians who wrote novelty songs based on video games."


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