I don't want to cheat anyone.
I don't want to cheat anyone.

Pablo Francisco Has Plans For You on NYE

Sure you can check out a club or hit up a bar on New Year's Eve but when you want to really start the year off right, why not take in a comedy show? End 2013 on a high note by kicking off 2014 with a smile on your face when you grab your tickets to see Pablo Francisco at the Irvine Improv. Ditch the local bar or the overpriced nightclub and pop bottles while busting your gut laughing at Pablo's high energy set filled with impressions, musical hilarity, and special surprises galore at this can't miss show!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I saw you one year on New Year's in Irvine and it was a blast. What kind of festivities do you have in store this time around?

Pablo Francisco: I remember that! This time we're going to mix it up a lot and it's going to be a beautiful thing. I teamed up with this guy named Steve Kramer who's great and he does a shitload of impersonations. We just goof off together, it's really great. He's so fucking funny.

Any special surprises?

There's going to be some surprises there. There's going to be a lot more music, it's going to be totally edgy, fun, and cutting edge. It's going to better than any other comedy show you can see on New Year's because we're not sticking to the, "you do twenty minutes and you do twenty minutes" regime. We're gonna get wild, stupid, and our topics are going to be better than any other show so it's going to be fun!

I bet!! Do you make New Year's resolutions?

I'm going to try to stop smoking cigarettes a little more. I'm going to try to get healthy. P 90X or something. Hey man, P90X. It's called total exertion! Whatever the hell it is!

Make sure you document that on Facebook or it doesn't count apparently.

[Laughs.] Yeah no shit. That's right, they're on disc three now but meanwhile, they're just working out on their couches. I mean there are other ways of losing weight though. (Infomercial voice) I'll just cost $750, it's the South Beach diet! It's cocaine, ecstasy, and dancing! Just dance it off and soon you'll lose the weight! I'm on the South Beach diet! We take ecstasy, GHB, and then we start dancing and fucking!

Oh my god. I'd watch that infomercial all night long!

[Laughs.] People would watch that just to see the faces they make.

Give me some Scarface. What do you think his resolution would be?

You know mine is going to be, [Laughs.] (Tony Montana voice) I'm Tony Montana wishing you a happy New Year's. You know I want to stop saying fuck man. I'm fucking Scarface, happy fucking New Year's OK? Hey Tony, what's your resolution going to be? You know, I wanna stop saying the "f" word man. What about you Sosa? You know what I want to stop doing? I want to stop hanging people from helicopters. It just costs too much money. But New Year's to all!

Fucking hysterical. OK not to bust your balls but, when are you coming out with a new special? I feel like we're overdue.

You know the thing is, we want to do it and I have offers but I'm waiting awhile because I don't want to just keep pumping out specials. A lot of people do that and it's like, they aren't that good anymore! I don't want to cheat anyone. I know people want more stuff and I do have all kinds of good stuff. We'll put something together but right now, I want to wait for another year or so.

Fair enough. OK last thing, I just saw some clip of Justin Bieber where he said he was going to retire. Thoughts?

Oh please! Please do retire! [Laughs.] The thing is that the kid is making a lot of money but he's really marinating himself into, "I'm your boyfriend! Sexual!" I don't know what demographic he's trying to grab. I know he has the kids and stuff but come on! My friend took his daughters to see him and after he came back from the show he was like, "I am a fan!" I was like, "Dude your 47-years-old! What the fuck are you doing? We gotta have a talk!" I just can't. I need something better than that. He's gonna retire? It's like, please do!

Catch Pablo Francisco at the Irvine Improv December 31st at 7pm, 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to www.Improv.com. For more info, check out his website www.PabloFrancisco.com and follow him on Twitter @Pablo_Francisco.

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