Ozzy Named 'Ambassador,' Bats Cry Foul

Ozzy Named 'Ambassador,' Bats Cry Foul

In his greeting video, Osbourne commanded that everyone attend Record Store Day: "I now have the power to command you to attend Record Store Day. . . . Be there!"  Well, you heard the man. Everyone better attend. You can find a list of local record stores participating at the event here.

Since Mr. Osbourne was picked for the prestigious ambassadorship, you will get the chance to purchase a seven-inch single of Diary of a Madman and Flying High Again (with a live version of "I Don't Know" as the B-side), along with full-length vinyl versions of the newly expanded 30th-anniversary editions of Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman. He may not be negotiating peace treaties, but doesn't it make you feel good to know Ozzy Osbourne is the ambassador to something? Maybe Obama can get on this at some point. I'd sure as hell leave Libya if Ozzy told me to.

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