Over the Weekend: Will Crum Performing at Ikea

Last month, OC folk rocker Will Crum performed an impromptu/flash mob show at a Costa Mesa Wendy's, and he was up to his antics again on Sunday, with a similar show at the Ikea in CM.

Except while the Wendy's gig was relatively well received, his foray into affordably priced, Swedish-manufactured furniture did not go over so well, with the singer and his crew being shooed out by security not hip to their offbeat shenanigans. They actually performed on the upstairs showroom inside one of the fake little rooms, which is pretty impressive and rather ballsy. I happened to be at Ikea yesterday afternoon looking for a coffee table, but managed to miss all this excitement. I did get a table, though, so not a total loss.

Here's a video detailing the hijinx, thanks to KUCI's Press Pass for the heads-up.


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