Over The Weekend: The Raveonettes at Rock The Runway
Andrew Youssef

Over The Weekend: The Raveonettes at Rock The Runway

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The Hype: Free Kogi BBQ, a chocolate fountain, fashionable models strutting the runway and a free show by Blok and The Raveonettes? Could this possibly true? What's the catch? The only catch was you had to RSVP for the Rock The Runway event on the Art Institute of Orange County Web site to have access to all those goodies. 

The Show: After ingesting a few Kogi BBQ tacos and watching Daniel Magana win the Rock The Runway competition, The Raveonettes appeared on stage to set up their gear for a dynamic duo perfomance. A pair of Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers started to blare out the reverb soaked notes of "Attack Of The Ghostriders" with Sune Wagner clutching his candy apple red Fender Jaguar. Sharin Foo was stationed behind a floor tom and snare drum to hammer out the droning beat.

Performing as a duo musically created a lot of open spaces that allowed the songs to breathe. "Heart of Stone" bellowed loudly over the cool crisp air with the temperature affecting the tuning of Wagner's guitar but still managing to reign in the correct notes. Switching over to bass, "Break Up Girls!" was a rambling blast of notes that devolved into a feedback wash of noise. The deep tremelo guitar bends during "Bowels of the Beast" conveyed the spooky feel of the song. 

Cheers erupted from the crowd when both Wager and Foo dialed up the fuzz and reverb for "Love In A Trashcan." The bittersweet soundwaves of "Lust" turned into an epic cavernous reverb solo by Wagner. Foo asked the crowd if they were ready for "The Last Dance" which inspired a large dance party on both sides of the stage. A bass heavy cover of Sonic Youth's "100%" and a woozy static rendition of "Aly, Walk With Me" closed out their set. 

Blok brought their rap spastic antics to warm things up prior to the fashion show. The Irvine-based family collective know how to rock a crowd. Blok is one slot on Warped Tour away from hitting the big time. Even Stryker from KROQ was impressed and purposely kept them on stage to ask them a few questions.  Blok will be back in June at the Detroit Bar to open for Dan Black, so catch them while you still can.

The Crowd: Lots of real and aspiring models were in the crowd. Proof? The line for the Paul Mitchell make up booth was exponentially longer than the Kogi BBQ truck line.

Overheard: "Where do I go to be discovered as a model?


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