What would Mickey say?
What would Mickey say?
Matt Oliver/OC Weekly

Over the Weekend: MOM - The Constellation Room - 8/17/12 [w/ PLENTY of DISTURBING VIDEO]

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On friday night, a disturbingly entertaining Sacramento act known as MOM shared her burlesque bondage punk rock stage show in the Constellation Room of Santa Ana for Burger Records Night.

Right away, the performance had the feel of a horror-filled, '70s B-movie gone wrong. Looking like a deranged diner waitress in a  red dress with Minnie Mouse ears and a red mask, few people in the crowd were ready for the act this headliner was about to unleash. Entering the room on roller skates, she glided around in circles to some eerie sampled music from the '20s. We didn't really know what the hell we'd just walked into on, but we couldn't stop recording it. See some video of MOM's strange performance after the jump.

After taking off her skates she proceeded to sing  like a drunk, high-pitched alien and felt the need to tease the crowd with her obvious sex appeal, periodically flashing of her bottom half.

The antics did not stop there. MOM pulled off her dress, where she was wearing a see-through silk overlay covering her less-than-sexy lingerie get up before starting a game of spin the bottle with the crowd using her microphone as the spinner. For the first lucky fan to be chosen by the bottle, got a big hug from MOM. The next lucky member in a crowd full of hipsters offered her a gulp from a PBR.

For those of you that are not weirded out by MOM's antics yet, this one will surely do the trick.

A long night in lingerie called for a Marilyn Monroe-style ballad with a creepy deep voice for this hard working MOM. However, we're told that this attempt to cater to art rock types and crazy fetishists was nothing compared to her more extreme performances. MOM is also known for having adult-sized babies on stage, getting naked (barf), peeing on stage, and jumping rope with an umbilical cord. In that case, we feel a little short-changed, but for the sake of our eyes and the Constellation Room's dignity, we thank MOM for not infecting SanTana with her fertile loins and bodily juices.

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