Outgoing: Los Campesinos! Also Scrap Detroit Bar Show

Outgoing: Los Campesinos! Also Scrap Detroit Bar Show

Could this band look any cuter? No? Well, sorry to be the one to tell you, but you won't be able to see these dudes--Welsh indie popsters Los Campesinos!--at Detroit Bar tomorrow night as previously been scheduled. Their MySpace says the show has been "sadly canceled," and in its place at Detroit will be a rad gig with three of our local favorites, The Steelwells, The New Limb and Yellow Red Sparks. Detroit Bar co-owner Jon Reiser informs us that Los Campesinos! will be playing the venue in August.

Given that the Friendly Fires show, scheduled for last night (and Friendly Fires were still in town, playing a show at Cal State Fullerton yesterday afternoon) was also canceled at the last minute, and both acts are playing Coachella (Los Campesinos on Friday, Friendly Fires on Sunday), it's easy to conclude that it's no coincidence.

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