Our Labor Day Playlist

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Yes, just as your sunburn finally healed and you've mastered the art of grilling, summer's on the way out. Whether this means a return to school, yardwork or regular television watching for you, this weekend marks the last party to ensure this summer goes out with a bang. That in mind, here's our Labor Day playlist.

Robin Thicke f/ Pharrel and TI - "Blurred Lines" 2013

This summer's most inescapable song, it only makes sense to give it a spin at your final get together. Chances are the people at your party will either be in love with the infectious grooves, offended by its alleged misogyny, opinionated on its Marvin Gaye similarities or just thrilled to talk about

Alan Thicke

again. Everyone has something to say about it, so let's fire up the BBQ and have that conversation one last time. Twerking optional.

Labi Siffre - "I Got The"1975

While it's been said that there ain't no cure for the summertime blues, the end if summer blues can be even worse. Luckily, Labi Siffre made being sad when the season succumbs sound cool with "I Got The." Perhaps most famous as being the sample source material for Jay-Z's "Streets is Watching" and Eminem's "My name Is," this song happens to be the jam in its own right, closing with the perhaps fitting "Just a lonely soul/summer slowly dying. I was smiling hard, but I was lying." So for those being forced to attend labor day get togethers, fake it 'til you make it a good time!

Atmosphere - "Sunshine"2007

 Partying not your thing? Didn't have time to plan a trip? No worries, chances are Labor Day's going to be beautiful no matter where you are. You might have a day like Slug from Atmosphere had in "Sunshine," where just taking a bike ride where even the birds are bumping is enough to give thanks you're alive.

The The - "This is the Day"1984

There's probably some of you reading this right now for whom summer didn't really start. Whether you couldn't get off work or make it out for that great vacation that would make summer 2013 memorable, there's still time. Take it from The The, "This is the Day." For many of you, this is also the day where you finally know what that great song from the last scene from

Empire Records

that wasn't on the soundtrack was (HINT: It's this one!)

Jay-Z - "Dear Summer"2004

Finally, who better to close out the hottest season of the year than Jigga. While he lit up July 4th this year with his new album, there was a time (well, actually three times) when he was retired from the rap game. During is most recent stretch, he broke it solely with "Dear Summer," an ode to the sorrow of parting but celebrating the promise that one day summer would return.

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