Orange Bits: Young the Giant Recognized by Amazon, Jameson, Clint Black, and The New Limb

We're at the home stretch of 2010 and Christmas is rapidly approaching; local bands are also "winning best of 2010 contests" left and right. (See: Young the Giant and Walter Trout.) Also, several bands such as Jameson and Melanoid are getting in the Christmas spirit by playing a toy drive benefit at the Gypsy Lounge.

After the jump, check out our compilation of music stories we didn't write this week.

  • Country boy Clint Black had fans who came from as far away as Louisiana to see him at the Grove on Wednesday. He played a tear-jerking, heartfilled set and "played the hell out of a harmonica." [OCR]
  • After Michelle Rosabal, formerly of Santa Ana act Canvas, participated in a hairstyling charity event for the foster children of Orangewood, she was inspired to continue to help them. She began Operation Band Aid--a show and toy drive for Orangewood at the Gypsy Lounge. Also lending a hand are Jameson, Honeypie, Charity Swim, and John Hanson of Melanoid. The event is tonight at 8:30 p.m. [OCR]
  • How could a man named after whiskey not sing the blues? Jameson's acoustic tunes is heavily influenced by singer-songwriters of the sixties and self-described as "ouch" music. [DP]
  • Michael Ubaldini recounts his tale of triumph on this new Time Warner news video. The singer/guitarist suffered from partial paralysis induced by a rare heart valve contidtion in 2009. Doctors told him he may never walk or play the guitar again. His paralysis subsided on Christmas Day and he is now back on track, playing music and shows. [YT]
  • Color Theory, the electronic indie act out of Huntington Beach, released the EP The Silence this week. The whole album is streaming for free on their website. [CT]
  • Huntington Beach blues man Walter Trout is big in Holland. Arrow Classic Rock's listeners picked their 50 favorite blues songs--and guess who swiped number one? Trout beat out Jimi Hendrix, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters. [ACR]
  • The New Limb is called "Costa Mesa's secret weapon" by Cream Team in their new article. Sorry, it's not a porn website, despite what the name may imply. [CT]
  • Young the Giant out of Newport is Amazon.com's third Best Rock Album of 2010. They beat Robert Plant, Kings of Leon and The Dead Weather. [Amazon]


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