Ozzy at Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach, back in February '09.
Ozzy at Barnes & Noble in Huntington Beach, back in February '09.
John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

Orange Bits: Ozzy Osbourne, Barrett Johnson, Rye Douglas

Sorry to leave you hanging for two Fridays, but Orange Bits--our weekly round up of all the OC-related music news that wasn't in the Weekly--is back. Rejoice:

  • The Register gets some good quotes out of Ozzy Osbourne ahead of Ozzfest, including the admission that he's not quitting until the day when the only creature watching his concerts is a single, solitary cat. [OCR]

  • The Rye Douglas Band changes its name to Rye Douglas & the Echo Sounding. They also apparently dropped "Paranoid Android" from their setlist because reviewers were mentioning it too often (ahem). [OCR]

  • "Unlike the games at the OC Fair's Carnival Zone, this show was a sure-thing winner." That's merely one of many amazing sentences in a review of ZZ Top at the Pacific Amphitheatre. [OCR]

  • Hmm. Rush played in LA and in Orange County. The Orange County Register reviewed the show in LA. [OCR]

  • A "stupid owl" insulted Weird Al at the Pacific Amphitheatre, but Mr. Al showed him. [OCR]

  • LeAnn Rhymes slides further down her downward spiral in Costa Mesa. [OCR]

  • Excellent local songwriter Barrett Johnson talks about his new album, New Jerusalem, out this fall. The title is hopeful, he says, but to fully explain it would require "a long conversation." [OCR]

  • Long Beach OG Snoop Dogg records a series of weird, celebrity-name-checking YouTube blips to promote his latest release. [Los Angeles Times]

  • Photos from Tuesday's Genius and the Thieves show at the Continental Room. [Everyday Noise]

  • Blogger gives bad review to band (TRMRS). Band responds. Blogger responds. Stop us if you've heard this one before. Maybe the OC music scene really is growing up. [The Ruffian]

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