Here's what we didn't write about this week in Orange County music news. Aside from perhaps Dusty Rhodes, much of the leftover news this week is about old guys. Enjoy!

Orange Bits: Dusty Rhodes, Tenacious D, Jimmy Buffett

  • Dusty Rhodes and the River Band will be releasing a new full length album before the end of the year. Alas, there will be no tour to promote it. The band still intends on breaking up. [FB]
  • Tenacious D is going to bring their signature "rock opera" to the Blizzcon gaming convention this weekend. Can Jack Black peel gamers away from World of Warcraft for a full set? [Culture Mob]
  • The Rhinestone Cowboy rides in to Anaheim this weekend; Glenn Campbell is playing songs written for him by Jakob Dylan and Paul Westerberg at The Grove. Let's call this move Johnny Cashing.  [OC Register]
  • Jimmy Buffett proved his merits as a folk musician at his show in Irvine Thursday to one Soundcheck reviewer. His show was a "fine way to end the Verizon Wireless Ampetheater's  2010 season." That's from a guy who says the only thing that would've been better was a Phish show. [OCR]


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