Get your hands on Dusty Rhode's tasty synth
Get your hands on Dusty Rhode's tasty synth

Orange Bits: Buy Dusty Rhodes' Synthesizer, Led Zeppelin, I Hate You Just Kidding's Paranormal Encounter

This week's edition of news stories we didn't write:

  • Buy a piece of Dusty Rhodes- their Prophet 5 synthesizer is now for sale on eBay. Perfect for if you are planning on creating a River Band cover band after they break up. [eBay]

  • Jason Bonham follows in the tradition of musician's sons who carry the torch for their fathers like Dweezil Zappa. Bonham, who played drums for Led Zeppelin at their 2007 London reunion, brought "Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience" to Riverside Sunday. Soundcheck caught up with him before the show. [OCR]

  • Local Natives were described as "three part harmony wonder" by the UK press for their show last week in Bristol, England.
  • The New Limb from Costa Mesa are working on a music video for their song, Birds and Stuff (and are rumored to have seen the new Harry Potter.) [Facebook]
  • Laguna's electronic four-piece Break the Circus are recording their debut album this week. [Facebook]
  • I Hate You Just Kidding were visited by ghosts last week! They caught it all on tape and are now sharing it with the world on YouTube. [YouTube]


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