Orange Bits: Avenged Sevenfold, Dick Dale, Dahga Bloom

Orange Bits: Avenged Sevenfold, Dick Dale, Dahga Bloom

This week in music news from other places, Huntington Beach's Avenged Sevenhold sits at the center of coverage and controversy at the Los Angeles Times....

  • First, a Calendar-section profile of the band goes deep into the way that their new album was affected by grief following the death of drummer Jimmy Sullivan. [LAT]

  • The same week, though, the Times runs a scathing review of that very album. [LAT]

  • That review brings out a legion of horrified Avenged Sevenfold fans, so many that the Times blogs about it. [LAT]

  • Register music critic Ben Wener really dug Lyle Lovett's set at the Grove, but we really dug learning that he brought his ex-wife and ex-in-laws to the show. [OC Register]

  • The scoop out of an interview with Aerosmith's drummer ahead of an Irvine date for the band: Aerosmith is not working on a new album. Shed your tears. [OCR]

  • Pinback gets taken aback at the Coach House by the fact that their audience was dining. [OCR]

  • Forget learning about how Foghat and Blue Öyster Cult did at the Pacific Amphiteatre; instead, indulge the reviewer as he fantasizes about a "rock commissioner." [OCR]

  • Faith Hill: The "down-to-earth-diva" who can't fill the Amphitheatre. [OCR]

  • From whence came those fumes at the Ziggy Marley show at the fairgrounds? (Hint: marijuana) Says a commenter, "Apparently a family of skunks invaded Pacific in the off-season." [OCR]

  • Adam Lambert at the Pacific Amphitheatre: He still gives "playful licks" to other male band members. [LA Times]

  • Medical problems caused Dick Dale to call of a tour of Japan--but not a Coach House show. He explains. [LAT]

  • OC Gazette inexplicably asks Dahga Bloom what they thought of what Weekly contributor Danielle Bacher wrote about them. [OCG]

  • OC/LBC punk legends John Doe and Exene Cervenka will headline San Pedro's Lobsterfest. Hmm. [Buzzbands LA]
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