Orange Bits: All the OC Music News You Should Have Read this Week
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Orange Bits: All the OC Music News You Should Have Read this Week

There are publications other than Heard Mentality writing about music in Orange County. Please don't read them. Just kidding! Please do. But please also check in every Friday for our round-up of the most interesting links from the local blogosphere in the past week. We're calling it Orange Bits.

  • The Orange County Register's Soundcheck blog gave thumbs up to the Psychedelic Furs  at the Grove. But things got more interesting in the comments section, where top Reg music critic Ben Wener picked a fight with commenters who say all the Register's pop coverage is negative. "I don't mean this to sound contentious," Wener begins, before launching into a diplomatic but, yes, contentious couple of paragraphs. [OC Register]

  • Elsewhere, Wener rounded up gripes from Lilith Tour ticket-buyers teed off about the ailing festival's 2-for-1 ticket deal. [OCR]

  • Howsabout this quote from the Call the Cops vocalist, talking about Warp Tour? "I'm almost diva about the fact that I have to have the same amount of clean, new underwear as days I'm going to be gone--boxer briefs because I need that comfort grip." [OCR]

  • Pop & Hiss lands an exit interview with Robert Christgau, the retiring grandfather of modern music writing. [LA Times]

  • Chris Ziegler, ex- OC Weekly music editor and LA Record founder, talks about his start-up hitting its hundredth issue. "We have a lot of contributors that other publications might consider 'untrained.'" he says. "I like to think of them as 'untamed.'" [LAT]

  • Sure, a 15-year-old girl died at the Electric Daisy Carnival, but was it really any crazier than, say, Woodstock? Ann Powers muses. [LAT]

  • The Summer Jazz at Newport series is replacing the old West Coast Jazz Party. And its fare is not to be confused with the Weather Channel crap you hear at other Newport Beach jazz festivals. "I defy you to hum any melodies from the smooth jazz genre," says the creator. [The Daily Pilot]

  • OC ex-pats the Henry Clay People release a president-tastic video. [Everyday Noise]

  • Sugar Ray will play the District in Tustin on July 11 for a cause. No, not the bad-nostalgia cause. [OC Arts and Culture]

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