Open Letter to the Band Howl

Dear Howl,

How's it going? I heard you guys just now on KUCI's beloved Press Pass Music radio program. Good stuff! One thing, though. I noticed you took issue with this week's Locals Only column, which featured your band. Specifically, my referring to new band members Grace Faith Peters and Ray Gun Pacini as "gents"--the perceived problem being that Grace is a female, and "gent" is a term typically reserved for males (short for "gentleman," natch).

Here's the thing, though. There's nothing about the word "gent" that specifically implies "gentleman." Realistically speaking, it's short for "gentle." It could just as easily mean "gentlewoman"! It's a sad commentary on our deep-seated societal bias that we're predispositioned to think "gentleman" when we hear "gent." Clearly, I was just doing my part to help heal that particularly vexing issue. I envisioned no gender assignment when writing that word!

Also, I always use terms that are traditionally considered to be "masculine" as gender-neutral. If I were to walk up to a group of female friends, I would very likely say "sup, guys?" or "hey, dudes?" It's just my way of stripping away some of the age-old sexism that poisons our languge. Like the words "actress" or, even worse, "comedienne." Hate those.


Albert Ching

P.S. Have fun at your show tomorrow at eVocal!


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