On the couch with Fred Durst

What to make of Fred Durst and his unpredictably popular band, Limp Bizkit? Are they the Angriest Band in the World, or what?!? Seen their videos? Durst is pissed!But why? He's a millionaire! Yo, Fred, get over your bad self!Or at least get some decent therapy so you can figure out what's bugging you.

But we'll save him the trouble. We rang up three real-life OC psychiatrists (who must remain anonymous, as it's illegal in California for licensed therapists to work their voodoo publicly—privacy laws and all that) and e-mailed each of them the lyrics of one of Durst's angriest tunes, "Break Stuff," from Limp Bizkit's Significant Other album, featuring such moving prose as "It's just one of those days when you don't wanna wake up/Everything is fucked/Everybody sux/You don't really know why/But you wanna justify/Rippin' someone's head off."

Listen to Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff":
Real Audio Format Break Stuff

Download the RealPlayer FREE! Obviously, this guy's got issues. Here are our docs' analyses:

DOCTOR NO. 1: This is typical of adolescent acting-out behavior, most of which is intended to create separation from home—specifically Mom and Dad. I wouldn't say that one never finds this sort of behavior among adults—and I presume the members of Limp Bizkit are adults—but I'd say it's exceedingly rare. If I had to guess, I'd say Durst is still powerfully attached to his mother (note the constant references to "motherfucker")—perhaps even requires her to accomplish simple domestic tasks for him (laundry, cooking, cleaning). This song, then, is a way of denying that powerful bond, that dependence, and of establishing his autonomy through shock. If I could say one thing to Durst's mother, it would be this: fear not. Chances are good that he'll grow up and settle down—or at least settle down and direct his childish rage at a spouse or girlfriend (note the reference to "the he-says-she-says bullshit" and the threat of a "fat lip").

DOCTOR NO. 2: Not really anger at all, but the self-important tantrum of a developmentally arrested adolescent. The ability to shock someone is taken as evidence that one is real and worth recognizing—sort of like a Chihuahua yapping as obnoxiously as possible, thinking that if he can annoy enough people, his supremacy will be established. Silly, self-serving, adolescent at best, and ostentatiously ill-mannered—the protesting of the sort of an annoying child, whose mouth many of our mothers would have washed out with soap. No further comment warranted by this childish, noisy pout.

DOCTOR NO. 3: I'm tempted to point out the latent homosexual anxiety inherent in the lyrics—the freight train, the references to "ass," "watch your back," and the challenge that the "First one to complain/Leaves with a bloodstain." But that's Freudian garbage—maybe—and what's more likely is that this is the cry of a man-child who never grew up, who never really evolved the techniques for handling what most of us would simply dismiss as a bad-hair day. For such a man-child, these moods are cause for rage and threats. It's fairly likely that one day, this man-child will run into someone whose "chain saw" is bigger than his, and that the "ass skinned raw" will be his. But that sort of pain has the capacity to heal; following a really severe beating, it's possible that the man-child will become a full-fledged man and shoulder his responsibility to protect the weak, rather than rage against them. Of course, it's also possible that his fame and fortune as a pop star will protect him from the cost of his actions—I'm thinking here of Mike Tyson—and that he'll merely end up a pathetic figure on VH1's Behind the Music.


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