On-Sale Saturday: The Vandals, Third Eye Blind, More

Orange County music might not have many annual traditions, but this is one: every holiday season, OC punk legends the Vandals play their "Christmas Formal" at the House of Blues in Anaheim; playing wacky Christmas tunes (including modern classic "Christmas Time for My Penis") from their 1996 record Oi to the World!. This year it takes place Saturday, December 19, and tickets are on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. for $16.50-$18.

Couple more shows going on sale tomorrow worth nothing--including a once-beloved '90s band and one that's total Hot Topic-core. Let's do this thing.

Third Eye Blind at the Grove of Anaheim, November 15
On sale: Noon Saturday, $35
"I remember the stupid things. The mood rings. The bracelets and the beads. Nickels and dimes, yours and mine. Did you cash in on your dreams? You don't dream for me, no, You don't dream me for, no. But I still feel you pulsing like sonar through the days and the waves. That girl is like a sunburn I would like to save. She's like a sunburn." (Did that from memory, thanks!)

All That Remains and The Devil Wears Prada at the Grove of Anaheim, December 9
On sale: Noon Saturday, $20
Not on the bill: Rachel Getting Married, Becoming Jane, Bride Wars.


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