OMD's Andy McCluskey Talks About SXSW Accident

Last Friday, electro-pop duo OMD played a show at Stubbs in Austin during SXSW in which a camera boom fell into the crowd. Four people were injured, but after the band was told the injuries were minor, the band went onstage to play a shortened set.

Today, OMD lead singer Andy McCluskey released a statement regarding the incident.

"Once we realized what had actually happened, and that there we people who needed medical treatment, it was obvious that we could not start playing. I guess that if there was any 'luck' involved . . . it was the fact that the camera crane fell before we actually started. .  . . It would have been much more confusing and slower to resolve if we were into the set. I expected the concert to be canceled. We just waited to see if the injured were going to be okay. (I hear that they are okay.)

Once the police said it was fine to play, we decided that we should at least do something for those who had paid money and waited until 1.30 a.m. Even though the 2 a.m. curfew would not be pushed back! It felt rather weird at the beginning, but slowly, the band and audience started to re-connect. it was actually a great seven-song set! And an even greater relief that no one is permanently hurt!"

OMD's tour supporting History of Modern will hit Southern California on Friday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 29 at the Music Box in LA and on Sunday, March 27  at 4th & B in San Diego.


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