Oh Girl at Clancys Last Night
Ali Lerman/OC Weekly

Oh Girl at Clancys Last Night

Oh Girl at Clancys Last Night
Ali Lerman/OC Weekly

Oh Girl

Oct. 25, 2010
The Hype: A rainy night in downtown Long Beach didn't stop the crowd from coming out to Clancy's to rock out with super hysterical group, Oh Girl. And the guys did not disappoint.

Although there was a costume theme, Glynn Montemayor and Adrian Noack of Oh Girl were the only guys with the "balls" to follow though. Dressed as two of the sexiest Chippendale dancers since Chris Farley, this duo really brought the house down and luckily, their pants stayed up.

Oh Girl at Clancys Last Night
Ali Lerman/OC Weekly

The Show: Oh Girl started off the show with a song called "Breathe." Throughtout the night, a pattern ensued: they'd perform a song they wrote in between those "made to order" rock songs they are becoming known for. 

"This is the part of the show where we ask you to shout out a topic and we'll make a song of it," Glynn said. That's when the shouting of the suggestions started flying. "Our new favorite XXX star Brett Favre" was the first one they picked; from there, the "Brett Favre" song was executed to perfection. 

It's a lot of fun when you get the audience involved and pretty amazing how these guys can just offer up such great comic relief through song. Other greats made-up throughout their show were "Boston," "Asians," "Bitch Please and Gremlins 2," and one of the greatest songs I've heard all year, "Male Strippers." 

Their hour-ish long set was also filled with their own great songs; each, as they explained, had a different story behind it. It was like VH-1's Storytellers on a smaller budget. "Maggie" is a song written about Adrian's dog that was both sweet and witty. They continued with, "Zombie," Kickback Relax," NYC," and a beautifully touching (yet hard to take seriously in a Chippendale outfit) song about Glynn's soon to be one-year-old son Chase called, "Here and Real." 

They also pulled off a formerly "made-up" song that has become an instant classic called, "Kitten's in Bowls of Gin." That is one song I hope will make the B-side of one of their future records! Who doesn't love kittens? And who wouldn't love one in a bowl of gin? These guys don't miss a beat.

When the show was over I secretly wished they'd have done just one more song. Maybe next
time I'll have the courage to scream out "BUN CRUMBS!"

The Crowd: Toe tapping, clapping, and laughing along to the talented duo. In case the crowd forgot, they mentioned how talented they were several times throughout the show. The audience loved it. And they're talented. Just so we're clear.

Overheard: "Play another made up song!! They're fucking funny!"

Check out Oh Girl on Nov. 7 at The Blue Café from 9 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.


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