Like Frank Falupa and Outerspace—the two bands that preceded them in both members and direction—Odelia are most interested in building melancholic aural sculptures. What they're offering up here on . . . well, we don't know how you pronounce that title, but gesundheit! . . . are dreamy passages for Buddhist prayer sessions; 3 a.m. dead-hour excursions through unfathomable tragedy; caressing, comforting melodies for times when your significant other walks out on you and the rent is seven months behind and the dog went and got lung cancer. Very pretty, what they do, this emotional construction work echoing with strange, spooky samples and whispering voices vague enough to pique your nosy-bastard instincts (and what's that at the beginning, something about how "we are approaching the quickening, we are approaching Armageddon?" Okay, maybe this isn't so soothing after all). Really, though, it's mostly atmospheric head music—45 minutes of either stark hopelessness or triumphant glory, depending on how you're feeling right now. Someday, some English DJ is gonna remix their stuff and tack it onto 120 BPMs, and they'll be superstars.

Contact: odeliamusic@yahoo.com.


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