OFWGKTA's Frank Ocean
OFWGKTA's Frank Ocean

Odd Future's Frank Ocean Performs at the El Rey Theatre Tonight

Whether you know it or not, tonight's a big night for L.A. music lovers. Especially those who fell for the soulful musical stylings of Frank Ocean's Nostalgia Ultra mixtape and the abundance of leaked tracks that comprises his discography. Tonight, the resident crooner of hip-hop collective Odd Future will play at the El Rey Theatre as a finale to his five-date mini tour that has taken him from his hometown New Orleans, to London, Amsterdam and back to Los Angeles.

For the lucky chosen few of you who managed to snag a ticket, you're in for a treat. The reclusive singer's limited engagements have thus far resulted in completely sold out shows, astronomical re-sell ticket prices on the web, the debut of a couple new songs, and a handful of intimate, memorable nights sure to go down in the record books.

Highlights of the tour so far:

1. Ocean, who relocated to L.A. after Hurricane Katrina gutted New Orleans, delivered his very first performance ever in front of a hometown crowd there on Nov. 5. He sang a very stripped down and emotional rendition of "Miss You," a song he penned for Beyonce, which was written with his estranged hometown in mind.

2. Unfortunately, Ocean skipped out on the Nov. 6 N.Y. show last minute, citing illness. He apologized via Tumblr and promised to either refund the money or come back at a later date. L.A. is definitely wary of a last minute cancellation, but the singer has been well since, so we're looking forward to him delivering a healthy, polished performance now that he's rested up and got his jitters out of the way.

3. Once overseas, Ocean debuted new track "Disillusioned," as well as a song called "Real Love" that is expected to be on his forthcoming album.

4. Not sure if you've seen them yet, but the Far East-inspired Frank Ocean T's are definitely gong to be a collector's item one day. If go to the show tonight, I suggest you pick up a few. At least one to keep and maybe a couple to sell too.

Now that the shy performer, who was recently nominated for a Soul Train Award for Best New Artist, seems to have finally gotten into the groove of wooing a live audience, we're expecting fireworks tonight.

For the rest of you Stub Hub lurkers still trying to figure out how to get a pair of tickets last minute, note that the tickets have been marked up anywhere from 300 to 900 percent ($75-$275) of the original retail value ($24.95).

But if you can't get your hands on a ticket, you can still play your Frank Ocean mixtape as loud as you want while you sulk over missing such an epic show.


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