OC 'Weirdos' Road Trip to Flaming Lips Singer Wayne Coyne's Home, Write Song
Wayne Coyne's Twitter account

OC 'Weirdos' Road Trip to Flaming Lips Singer Wayne Coyne's Home, Write Song

Spending 22 hours in a car is a crazy idea in itself. Match that with driving halfway across the nation to knock on the door of rocker Wayne Coyne's house is taking stalker status to the next level.

"Some weirdos just showed up on my porch...They drove all the way from LA to bring me a birthday gift!!!" said Coyne on Twitter  last week.

Those weirdos were newly-formed Orange County band, Hott Mt. Not only did the trio, made up of Adam Ashe (formerly of Dahga Bloom), Nick Logie (of Telegram) and Ashleigh Allard  show up unexpectedly at Coyne's home in Oklahoma City on Jan. 13, SPIN.com also reported that the members got to sleep on Coyne's couch and floor for four days. 

"We were certain that it would happen if not willingly, then by force. To kill or collaborate," said Hott Mt member, Adam Ashe. "...The curse of majesty twelve guided us."

Maybe Coyne felt bad for the trio, but Hott Mt got to record a song with the Flaming Lips lead singer, filmed a video, and also wrote a song for female pop-singer, Ke$ha--none of which have surfaced the interwebs yet other than in sketchy videos found on Coyne's twitter feed. 

But you can check out Hott Mt's EP here. It's even available for a free download. Get it while it's still hot off the press; word on the street is that Warner Bros has already offered the Orange County band a record deal.

Hott Mt's self-proclaimed pioneered genre, Thai-gaze (wha?!?), is a type of Asian-inspired psychedelic music with female vocals. Member Adam Ashe described their sound as, "chicken broth + coconut milk + lemon grass + holy basil leaves + fish sauce + curry paste = Tom Kah Gai." We're not sure what that means, but the trio's equal parts mysteriousness and silliness has us wondering when their next performance will be.

Support them. Love them. Be Hott Mt's friends here

Read Spin's account here.


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