OC Weekly Music Feature: La Santa Cecilia

OC Weekly star columnist Gustavo Arellano ("Ask a Mexican!") profiles LA Latino music next big thing La Santa Cecilia.

The new It Group just might be the best of them all: La Santa Cecilia, six twentysomethings who synthesize the different strains of Latino life in Southern California into free-for-all tunes, firing off funk licks as easily as cumbia riffs. They really haven't done much professionally--just a self-titled, self-released, six-song EP last year, each individual case decorated by members and fans with glitter, ribbons, markers and original artwork. One of their songs, the melancholy norteña ballad "Chicle," found its way into an episode of the show Weeds. But La Santa Cecilia are still underground enough that you can catch them at the most intimate locations.

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